Soapy D. Clown

The Bumbling, Confused, Mixed-Up Tramp of a Clown Who Keeps On Going!

Soapy is always finding a mess to bumble into, and it’s been that way since the accident. When the paint truck hit, all Soapy saw as flashes of black and white... and then...
Suds for President Soapy hallucinating, or is the skunk that keeps following him, says he’s an angel from a different stripe sent by God to help Soapy (and demands I put up the photographic evidence below), and wants to run for president. What has he gotten himself into now.... and if that isn’t bad enough, there is that Wormwood character.
Angelic Suds D. Skunk

Trying to make the best out of every situation, Soapy doesn’t complain, Doing his best as life continually throws lemons, he adds water and sugar to make lemonaide. But usually Soapy doesn’t have much sugar, and he’s tasted a lot of smelly and sour, and ends up with cavities.

With the appearance of Wormwood showing up on occasion, to gain advice from Soapy on countering Screwtape’s desired destruction of humanity, one shouldn’t be surprised that Soapy seems a bit out of sorts with everything. But that tramp takes it all in stride, because if not everything crashing on Soapy, it might be crashing on you.
Soapy tries to get out as much as possible, and is available to come perform for you in order to do what Soapy does best, cause laughter through his bumbling, confused, mixed-up, tramp of a clown ways. Who knows who will show up, and what will happen.

If you’d like to know more about Soapy D. Clown, look through the website, and then reach out and allow us to bring laughter, life and love to your next event.

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