Soapy & Crew

What This Tramp’s Plight Can Do For You!

Soapy’s story is amazing. He would say what happened is not that impressive, but we, his crew, disagree. Since the accident with the paint truck changed his life forever, Soapy has had many challenges that have added up to his tramp life. Come, let us share the laughter with you.

The accident was terrible. The paint covered everyone, Somehow though the paint on Soapy never would come off. Soapy hasn’t recovered fully. The paint fumes and trauma brought the tramp to the brink (brink of what we’re not sure).

Accident That Caused Everything

After a time, Soapy tried to regain his life back. He’d take Germs, his invisible dog for a walk, and play football with the neighborhood kids, but it never seemed quite right again. Something always seemed off.

Football:Go Long

It felt as if someone had drained his life of color, leaving him tired and exhausted. The something happened. He glimpsed her off in the distance. Another clown, and so uniquely beautiful.

He walked around for days. People would hear him mumbling about Rayne Z. Auguste. Some even say he was twitter-patted. Not to mention the Suds A. Skunk, who follows him everywhere, and Wormwood, who uses the Underworld’s Transit Inter-demential system(UTI) to consult with Soapy regarding saving humanity from Screwtape’s dastardly plans.
One Tired Clown

The chaotic laughter, life and love Soapy leads bring hilarity to any event you may have. He’s still searching for Rayne and is sure that she is out there somewhere. Soapy and his crew are available to come and perform his as he tries to regain his color and make his dreams come true. He would like to Have you and the audience help as he searches the world for his one true love.

Soapy's World

You can reach out to him on his website and help him as he journey’s through this life. The laughter never ends as he bumbles his way through his journeys, entertain all that want to watch him.

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