Soapy D. Clown

Our Audience Commitment

We Treasure The Joy of People.

Soapy D. Clown & Crew cherishes people. As a performing artist the last thing we desire is to cause someone emotional or physical harm. No matter the age, belief, circumstance, identity, ideology, or species, our goal as a performers is to cause laughter, life, and love.

However, the amazing thing about humanity is someone has to be offended by something somewhere. We understand. Understand also, we’re not obligated to cater to your sensitivities.

While being offended by humor is something common among comedians and performers alike, we’re here to cause people laughter and to perform for others enjoyment (and sometimes even for a paycheck.)

Soapy D. Clown and crew weighs people’s concerns about our comedy, humor, and performances very seriously. We cannot however cater to everyone’s personal tastes.

Go Long

Ethically and Morally we hold the following obligations to our audience.

  1. Mutual Respect: We resolve to interact and respond as performers to our given audience of an individual or group.
  2. We’re here to entertain people of all ages, but we try not to engage children without an adult present.
  3. Our intent is not to belittle, demean, mock, or offend anyone.
  4. Sometimes the ‘oh my’ effect is perfect for the shock value of our illusions. We have ‘plants’ in our audience that we use to pull stunts with. These have agreed to our antics and are here to enhance the show and cause more of audience response.

Don't Push That Button

  1. We intend to promote silliness, not offend anyone. If you’re offended know that we’ve run our antics through many people of faiths, social groups, and various peer counsels. Our tricks and stunts are acceptable to audiences with beginning at a second grade level of understanding, and morally there is nothing reprehensible about our shows.
  2. Please feel free to tell us if you find something objectionable or ethically or morally wrong with our performance. Because we’re not comprehending or understanding every culture, we may have over&Q#045;acted our roles, in which we humbly apologize, and please inform us on where we went wrong.

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