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Soapy D. Clown lives to make people laugh. In the crazy, mixed-up world we’re all trying to make it through, sometimes you just have to laugh, even if it is just a little.
It isn’t all bad, at 
least oxygen is still free!

Hiring Soapy & Crew to come perform should bring laughter, life, and love to any situation or party. Below are some of the venues we do. We bring the fun with us!

Stage Performances

When the heroes go off the stage, the clowns come on.
– Heinrich Heine

Soapy & Crew enjoy performing on stages. Whether to beak the monotony of a long winded conference, corporate event, or you spoke concerning something that needs to be reinforced with humor, there is no better way to make something memorable than with a clown.

The messaging of humor brings to memory a reinforcement to any point, and with a ventriloquist dummy, you can teach an audience how to convert an opposing point of view with a common sense humor while debating the subject from a comedic point of view.

If you’d like to invite Soapy & Crew for stage performances, click here.

Birthday Party Image

Birthday Party

No matter what age you are, celebrating birthdays matters. Laughter during that celebration makes it memorable, and Soapy D. Clown will help make it hilarious too!

Whether a surprise party, or just a celebration of another year, allow this clown make it unforgettable no matter what age the honoree is, because one thing is for certain, clowns love birthday parties.

If you’d like to invite Soapy & Crew for a birthday party, click here. (psst, don’t forget the cake).



No matter what you’re celebrating, it’s more fun when you celebrate with a clown. Just ask Soapy. Whether you are honoring a wedding anniversary or a new job or promotion, Soapy D. Clown wants to celebrate with you.

A continual life of the party, Soapy enjoys opportunities to make people laugh every chance he gets. He has something for young and old alike and can brighten every occassion.

Just let us know what you’re thinking, because we can make amazing things happen to bring your party to life by letting us know

Event Clown

Soapy enjoys him some events! He has performed at banquets, church events, company picnics, conferences, parties, and even went on a blind date with a movie star once. (they lost a bet, but we don’t kiss and tell.)

About the only thing he hasn't tried is a parachuting event, where silly people in makeup fall out of perfectly good airplanes from the sky because they jumped! (Soapy is afraid of really high heights). He considers that just silly.

If your interested in having Soapy come perform, we’d be glad to entertain the notion. Just reach out to us by filling out this form
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You bring the pic, and we can bring the nic. We like us some picnicking! Soapy has to lay off the chicken though, he gets hives and the bees are mean when that happens.

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Senior Moments

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Walk Around Performances

Walk Around Perfomances

Walk around performances are a lot of fun. It gives Soapy and crew an opportunity to get one-on-one with their audience. Anything can happen and usually does – and it is pretty funny.

Soapy & Crew is skilled in close up illusions and enjoys wowing the crowd with humor and laughter. The walk around acts provide entertainment for any outdoor or indoor events. With over 30 years of family entertainment, experience with Fairs, Festivals, Parades, Theme Parks, Sporting Events and more, Soapy can keep the crowd guessing with his antics and humor in many venues.

If you’d like to invite Soapy & Crew for walk arounds at your event, click here.
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