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Soapy D. Clown Announces Return

After an almost 6 year hiatus, Soapy D. Clown was fighting the urge to return to performing. Starting in 1982, the persona behind the clown has decided to clown around again.

I struggled to return to performing, ” said Bryan Keith Rohrer, the person behind the the clown character. “During and after the Covid pandemic, it seemed everyone was cancelling entertainment and humor. We were struggling to laugh, because seemingly, things got so serious.

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It was hard not to just give up. I am not religious in performances, and though outside of costume I have deep convictions, my character exists to make people laugh. The joy of serving you to make laughter is my strength, because laughter belongs to everyone.

During the interview, Bryan shared that he wanted to teach others to find the laughter and smiles through clowning, and he has sacrificed everything to do it. He rents an office during the day, and that office allows him to work bi-weekly to mentor others in the art of clowning. In 2024 he will open up We Train Clowns and start training others in the amazing art of clowning.

I want to teach others that laughter truly works like a medicine. We can overcome so many obstacles when we’re causing laughter,’ Bryan said with a contagious grin.

He intends to take the trained troupe into the parks and other public places to perform as well. He is also starting Operation Laughter so that his troupe of the Laugh Reaction can work with people just to have the therapy of laughter.

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