Soapy D. Clown

Volunteer to Make Funny Happen.

It Takes More Than Just a Clown and a Couple of Dummies.

To make performances an overwhelming positive experience for everyone, it will take several volunteers in different positions to make things run smoothly. Would you like to help?
Thank You for Volunterring!

Soapy has several dreams to both entertain and grow his fan base. Some will be live action performances, and some will be strictly for video.

No matter what the venue or location(s), volunteers serve an important purpose in the performance of clowning and laughter. They keep attentive of children and others safety during the distraction of performance.

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As a troupe of clowns entertain others, we sometimes don&Rsquo;t see the distress of individuals that could be encountering problems with others while watching our shows.

Our volunteers are the safety mechanism of the shows, both as members of the audience, and as parents or onlookers.Staying diligent and carefully aware during one of our shows, as well as serving people in need of assistance and keeping ‘crowd control’.

Soapy D Clown & Crew Cherishes Our Volunteers

If you’re going to be at one of our events, and you desire to be a part of our honoree crew for the event, we’d like to meet you and know your among us.

Please fill out the volunteer form and make us aware you’re there and we will send you instructions on what to do.

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