Ready to Clown Around!

The Bumbling, Mixed Up, Tramp Soapy D. Clown

My desire is to make you laugh. In these days when many struggle, we all need a lot of laughter to get through. Sometimes laughter is all you can do, and it is beautiful.

As I explain my talents and abilities, keep in the back of your mind me asking, “How can Soapy D. Clown serve you?” or “ How can I brighten your day by just reflecting who I am, and making you laugh upon the way. I have many dreams of what I am trying to do. Check those out too.

It Wouldn't be Make Believe, if you believed in me

Birthday Parties

Soapy and crew enjoy a good party. If you serve Marshmallow Souffle you won’t have any left, because Suds will eat it all, but the crew enjoys parties.

Soapy can come perform at your party as long as his schedule is clear. If you hire him he will bring as many of the crew he can to make your event one you could never forget. If you have any questions, contact me.

Clown Ministry

Performing at churches is a lot of fun. Especially when a clown shows up to help the pastor make his points. Soapy has been performing for forty-plus years.

If you need help with your church service, ministry, or want to give the pastor a vacation, Soapy would be glad to fill in while your pastor is put out to pasture. let-s get together and talk about exactly what you desire. Just reach out to me.

Soapy - Forty Years Plus


Business, Church or Non-Profit, I enjoy performing at events. I also can promote your campaign for anything your business is involved in (assuring there is no conflict of interest).

The crew and I love to come and perform at your event, or just entertain your crowd with our crazy antics and fun for everyone stunts. Just call us and let us know.

Hospital Visits (Including Video)

Got someone in the hospital that needs cheering up? We can do that. Soapy can dress as a medical professional and come visit your sick person. We might not actually ‘cure’ them, but the laughter can do good like a medicine.

Many hospitals have not allowed clowns due to people having allergies/problems with latex. If this is an issue with your patient, never fear, just bring your smartphone or laptop, and the laughter can still happen. (Suds loves the camera). reach out to us for being hired for hospital visitation.

Soapy D. Clown Onstage and Unleaashed

Public Speaking

If you need to make the mood lighter and bring in laughter to lighten everyone’s mood, then I can perform at your public speaking event to drive points home. If you make someone laugh, everything you say is going to be more memorable.

We have a lot of opportunity to bond together over your interests as a surprise guest. Using a little levity with some very serious issues may not hurt.

Surprise Parties

Ever wanted to throw a surprise party with a real surprise? Maybe have a surprise guest to introduce the party? Have a clown serenade the birthday guest with an embarrassing or funny prose?

You now have the opportunity to do it right with a tramp clown that will make the event memorable. Soapy loves to surprise the person you’re throwing the party for and enjoy adding to the memories that can last forever. If we have the right people available, we can even film the event Contact us and let us know what you desire.

Telegrams (Clownegrams)

Would you like us to surprise someone at work, home, or somewhere where you’d know they’d be? (positive vibes only, we don’t serve divorce papers). Why not hire Soapy and Crew to deliver the message for you?

Soapy can make the event memorable and cause laughter like never before. We’ve delivered all kinds of positive messages to people, and caused all kinds of attention and laughter.

Interested? Let’s make memorable happen. Contact us today, we’d like to hear what you have in mind.

Video Clownegram

With the covid pandemic, performers had to get creative to survive. Many have technology to that for the ability to appear via tele-commute to places around the world.

Though the opportunity to broaden the horizons was present, most sulked there way through dreaming of performing live again. The fact that video and tele-commute is available, on several platforms offers lasting opportunities of not only a performance, but building a memory to last forever.

Video is still a valuable tool regarding reaching your audience. It is sharable, and self-promotive in everything acceptable and builds a memory that can be kept on a phone, computer or table. If you’d like to have Soapy do a video to a friend or family member, reach out to us and let’s make this happen.
Where is your joy?

Walk Arounds

Walk arounds allow clowns to get out and meet people, whether in a restaurant, shopping mall, or theme park, clowns enjoy walking around.

Focusing on making people laugh, we show our dedication to the art of clowning by making laughter accessable, funny, and just fun for all ages. Whether through ventriloquism, balloon tying, acting and antics, or everything else clowns do, Soapy D. Clown can make things happen for your event, party or promotion.

With over forty years experience in clowning, we know how to draw a crowd. Just like we drew you in to look at this website. Why don’t you Contact Us to make your next event something people will never forget.
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